Nikhilesh Mishra July 6, 2023

Social Welfare Programs

Social welfare programs are a fundamental component of societies aiming to address social problems and…

Nikhilesh Mishra July 5, 2023

Population Problem

The population problem is a crucial issue that falls under the purview of sociology and…

Nikhilesh Mishra July 2, 2023


Beggary, also known as begging, is a social issue that has long been a concern…

Nikhilesh Mishra July 2, 2023


Prostitution is a social issue that has intrigued and divided societies throughout history. It is…

Nikhilesh Mishra June 29, 2023

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Alcoholism and drug addiction are pervasive social problems that have significant impacts on individuals, families,…

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Network File System (NFS), File Permissions and ACLs

Network File System (NFS) in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) Introduction to NFS Network File…

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